Bespoke engagement ring modeled after a bracelet, a gift from him.

· Designing an engagement ring based on a memento
· Created a prototype ring paying attention to every detail


"One Story. One Ring. There are as many stories as there are customers."

At ith, we cherish this idea, and spend time and energy to create each ring.

Here is a story of an engagement ring that we gave shape to a memory of a couple.

A gift from him as a design motif

A lady came by our atelier one day, and said,

"I'm looking for someone who can make me a ring with the same design as this bracelet."

The bracelet was a gift from her partner.

She treasues the bracelet so much that she wanted to transfer the design and memory to the ring to wear it everyday after she is married to him.

The bracelet had a very unique design, and seemed difficult to recreate it in a ring form. Although we had never received such a request, we decided to take her request to make her wish a reality.

We wrapped the top half of the ring with thin gold chains, and placed a large piece of diamond in the center to resemble the bracelet.

Not only does it have to look good, it also needs to be comfortable for everyday use. Hence, we made the bottom half of the ring smooth and round.

The prototype ring

For some bespoke rings, we create prototype rings for our clients to try on, and make sure that they are happy with the design. This ring was one of them because we wanted to make sure that we captured every detail right.

A memorable bracelet transformed into a ring.

The couple's story and our craftmanship resulted in one-of-a-kind engagement rind that reflects the clients wishes.

We were able to work on their wedding bands at a later date. The experience with them was momorable for us as well. We hope that they've felt the same way.


At ith, a designated personal concierge will help you realize your ideal ring from start to finish.

Please stop by our atelier, even just to pick our brains for ideas. We are here to help you find the best rings for you.




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